5 Questions with…Sadie Lundquist

5 Questions with…Sadie Lundquist

After earning a spot on the Red Bull Crashed Ice podium in Saint Paul in 2017, Minnesota native Sadie Lundquist answered five questions we have about ice cross downhill.

VSP: When and how did you get into a crazy sport like ice cross downhill?

Sadie: I watched my brother, Sever, race on the Saint Paul track in January of 2013. It was my first introduction to the sport and I loved being a spectator. I was still playing college hockey at the time, but knew I would give ice cross downhill a try once I was done.

VSP: What is the hardest thing about competing in Crashed Ice?

Sadie:  The hardest thing for me is probably the mental portion. Convincing myself to jump when I cannot see the landing or telling myself not to hesitate can be difficult.

VSP: This event has evolved quite dramatically since it first came to Saint Paul in 2012. What has been the biggest change you’ve noticed over the years?

Sadie: As a whole, the sport has developed so much from the difficulty of tracks to the skill of the skaters. Personally, the biggest change is the progression on the women’s side. When I first started skating there were very few ladies competing—no women’s bracket or circuit for traveling. It’s fun to see more women join and compete at a high level.

VSP: How is competing in Saint Paul different than Europe and Canada?

Sadie: The biggest difference, personally, is the pressure I put on myself. When I’m in Europe and Canada, I’m trying to enjoy the travel, sightseeing and culture. When I race in Saint Paul, I have so many more friends and family that are engaged so I’m definitely more focused and harder on myself. No other race compares to the hype and excitement that Saint Paul brings. 

VSP: Being from Minnesota, what are the local spots you’d recommend to fellow athletes and fans in town for the event?

Sadie: I wouldn’t be Minnesotan if I didn’t recommend a “lucy” spot—Blue Door and The Nook are personal Saint Paul favorites. As for places to visit, Minnehaha Falls and Mall of America are “go-to” suggestions! 

Catch Sadie and the rest of the ice cross downhill racers in action when Red Bull Crashed Ice returns to Saint Paul for the seventh time, Jan. 19-20. Be sure to share your event photos with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #CRASHSAINTPAUL and #MYSAINTPAUL.

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