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Saint Paul is Minnesota’s capital city and the older “twin” of Minneapolis by 13 years. As far as twins go, these cities are like Schwarzenegger and DeVito—some have said Minneapolis is an Appletini and Saint Paul is a fine Scotch. Speaking of scotch, Saint Paul is home to 3M, makers of Scotch Tape™, a gangster history that includes police shootouts with John Dillinger and a flourishing craft beer scene. We’re especially fond of our architecture, including the longest stretch of preserved Victorian architecture in the United States on Summit Avenue and the Cass Gilbert-designed Minnesota State Capitol (which touts the second largest unsupported marble dome in the world). Along with the 100-plus historic buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, we also have nine historic districts in Como, Dayton's Bluff, Cathedral Hill, Irvine Park, Jackson Street, West Seventh, Lowertown, Summit West and University-Raymond.

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