Picnic on the River Gorge

20 River Gorge Picnic Areas

Enjoy a picnic around Saint Paul at these 20 recommended locations. The views are incredible, the experiences memorable.

Thousands of years ago, the powerful river carved a 100-foot limestone bluff, a perfect townsite for the city of Saint Paul. Built on seven hills, and featuring short blocks with architecture from different eras, Saint Paul’s streetscape is a walkers paradise. "A Great American Destination," according to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

And the river, 17 miles of the Mississippi, flows through Saint Paul and is protected as America’s first urban national park - The Mississippi National River & Recreation Area. Nature surrounds the capital city. Step outside and see why Saint Paul boasts one of the top two park systems in the entire country.

Picnics are memorable because your senses are alive. Food even tastes better outside and a change of scenery will do you good. Below are some recommended picnic locations - some with views from the bluff overlooking the valley, a few right down on the water. Pick up picnic provisions at a nearby artisan food market or award-winning restaurant. 

So, unplug, enjoy your meal and watch the eagles soar.

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