Rondo Days parade

Frogtown Park & Farm

Frogtown / Rondo

The Frogtown and Rondo neighborhoods are between Dale Street and Lexington Parkway along the Green LIne.

Rondo Avenue was the heart of Saint Paul’s most prominent African-American community dating back to the years just after the Civil War. In the 1960s, Rondo Avenue was demolished as part of the construction of Interstate 94. While this was a crushing blow to the neighborhood, hope, pride, and civic engagement live on there. The all new Rondo Commemorative Plaza will be a place where visitors can gain a historical perspective of Historic Rondo.

Frogtown has always been a haven for immigrants. In the 19th century, that mostly meant newcomers of German, Irish or Scandinavian descent.  Families from Southeast Asia, Africa and Central and South America arrived in the late 20th century, creating one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the region. This area of University Avenue is home to dozens of small businesses restaurants, grocery stores, retail and service businesses from around the world. The rich variety of places to visit, things to do and food to eat make this an ideal choice for visitors looking for a first-hand experience of Saint Paul’s many cultures.

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Bangkok Thai Deli Frogtown

Bangkok Thai Deli

Authentic, Thai cuisine that has it’s customers coming back for more.

Trung Nam French Bakery Frogtown

Trung Nam French Bakery

Vietnamese sandwiches and French baked goods such as croissants and baguettes in a low-key setting.

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