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Saint Paul Neighborhoods

Saint Paul is known as the “City of Neighborhoods,” each offering a celebration of the city’s long-cherished heritage and diversity. Life in these vibrant neighborhood districts flows deep with tradition, with many of the restaurants and businesses proudly bearing the names of the immigrant families who founded them generations ago.

  • Como mixes family-friendly activities with the beauty of the outdoors. Visitors can enjoy the gardens, swimming pool, zoo, trails and lake that Como magically brings to the public.
  • Dayton's Bluff brings a storied history to Saint Paul and features many recreational sites to capture the spirits of visitors.
  • Downtown Saint Paul houses some of the city's most thrilling venues, restaurants, festivals and businesses as an entertainment center.
  • With its cozy pubs and sidewalk cafés to go along with great shopping, Grand Avenue is where you might grab a paper and a cup of coffee and watch the neighborhood come to life.
  • The Greater East Side's proximity to the new 3M headquarters and numerous family-friendly areas make it a popular destination for residential living.
  • Lying directly between the Downtown districts of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Hamline-Midway boasts a strong sense of community among residents.
  • A small town feel within the grasp of a major city can be found in Highland Park.
  • Lowertown runs on the upswing, with new bars and attractions that bring the young to the former warehouse district of the city.
  • Residential charm combines with secondary education institutions and some of the area's best shopping to form Macalester-Groveland.
  • Extensive trails and the famous structure of the State Capitol mark the grounds of the North End.
  • Local businesses with the footprint of hardworking immigrant families of the past are sites to see in Payne-Phalen.
  • Selby Avenue is an area rich with Minnesota spirit that becomes embodied in its local shops, restaurants, boutiques, bakeries, and stores.
  • Sitting next to the State Fair Grounds, St. Anthony Park contains one of the city's finest libraries and truly embodies the "local feel" of Saint Paul.
  • The Summit Avenue Area, containing both the Summit Hill and Summit-University neighborhoods, boasts the longest stretch of beautifully restored Victorian homes in the United States.
  • Sunray-Battle Creek-Highwood is the location of Battlecreek Regional Park, one of Saint Paul's more popular outdoor destinations.
  • With many local businesses along one of Saint Paul's most traveled road in University Avenue, Thomas-Dale leads into Downtown Saint Paul.
  • West Seventh is most famous for Mancini’s Char House & Lounge, the place to go for steaks and lobster since 1968. The neighborhood also contains many pre-civil war homes and new modern condos.
  • The West Side is the location of Saint Paul's most active Latino community, with a host of businesses and restaurants within its District del Sol to bring cultural flavor to the city.
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