Keg and Case Market

Keg and Case Market

Located on the historic grounds of the Schmidt Brewery, Keg and Case Market houses an impressive and diverse lineup of food and retail vendors.

Keg and Case Restaurants

Perhaps the most anticipated component of the market is its heavy-hitting culinary scene. The two largest spaces will be occupied by Revival Smoked Meats and In Bloom, the newest offerings from Thomas Boehmer and Nick Rancone of Revival and Corner Table fame. Five Watt CoffeeSweet Science Ice CreamPimento Jamaican Kitchen and O'Cheeze occupy the other larger spaces along the market’s exterior. At the center of the market, you’ll find Bogart’s Doughnuts, Bread & BobaHouse of HalvaRose Street PatisserieSpinning Wylde and Wandering Kitchen.

Specialty Food Stores and Other Vendors

In addition to all of the great grub you can eat while you’re there, you’ll find a variety of specialty food stores. Stock your pantry with the high-quality items from Barkley’s Bistro (treats for your doggo!), Forest to Fork (wild-food groceries), Hobby Farmer Canning Company (switchel and pickles) K'nack (cured meats and sausage) and Pastamoré (Italian Balsamic vinegars, sauces, marinades and pastas).

Evla PotteryStudio Emme floristWorker B skincare and SÁNA CBD round out the vendor list with handcrafted offerings of the less-edible variety.

Did we mention there's a brewery?

You didn’t really expect a renovation of the Schmidt Brewing site to NOT include a brewery, did you? Clutch Brewing overlooks all the action up on the mezzanine level.

Keg and Case Park & Farmers Market

Not limited to the confines of its indoor space, Keg and Case also includes a lively outdoor area. This is where you can find patio seating and the Keg and Case Farmers Market, open every Thursday (2-7 p.m.) and Saturday (9 a.m.-2 p.m.) from May 18 through October 19. 

Parking at Keg and Case

There are 78 parking spaces available. 1st hour is free, then $3.00 for the 2nd hour, each additional hour after that costs $1.00 up to a total of $15.00.  

Is Keg and Case pet-friendly?

Only certified service dogs are allowed inside the market.

Keg and Case Directory 

  1. Revival Smoked Meats
  2. Seating Area
  3. Gazta & Enhancements
  4. In Bloom
  5. Sweet Science Ice Cream
  6. Five Watt Coffee
  7. Pimento Jamaican Kitchen
  8. Forest to Fork
  9. Worker B
  10. Croix Valley Foods
  11. Rose Street Patisserie
  12. HandMod
  13. Gazta & Enhancements
  14. K'nack
  15. Spinning Wylde
  16. MN Slice
  17. Seating
  18. Hobby Farmer
  19. Green Bee Juicery
  20. Studio Emme
  21. Bogart's Doughnut Co
  22. Evla Pottery
  23. House of Halva
  24. Wandering Kitchen
  25. Barkley's Bistro
  26. Clutch Brewing Co. (Mezzanine)


928 7th St W.
Saint Paul, MN55102

Phone: 651-756-7739

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 10am-8pm

Saturday - Sunday: 9am-9pm

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