Saint Paul vs. Food: Serious Food Challenges in the Capital City

Saint Paul vs. Food: Serious Food Challenges in the Capital City

Prove your dining worth with these notorious Saint Paul food challenges.

In a town known for its Juicy Lucy’s, it should come at no surprise that two of Saint Paul’s most famous food challenges involve scarfing down variations of the cheese-stuffed patties. If you’re not much for burgers, you can also endeavor to take down a 10-pound bowl of pho. We’d love to see you try your hand at one of these four notorious food challenges only found east of the Mississippi.

Lucy Challenge – Tin Cup’s

This one actually reached celeb status when it was featured on Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food. Tin Cup's “Lucy” sounds pretty innocent — until you find out it’s short for “Lucifer.” To complete the challenge, you must eat two one-pound burgers stuffed with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos and diablo sauce with 2 pounds of fries in 45 minutes.

Prize: Free meal, T-shirt, photo on the Wall of Fame and heartburn

Lucifer Challenge

Double Nookie Supreme Burger Challenge – The Nook

A more traditional take on a cheese-stuffed burger challenge, the DNSBC at The Nook involves consuming two double-decker cheeseburgers with special sauce and fries. Sounds harmless enough, right? Wrong. We watched someone try to do this once. Needless to say, it did not end well.

Prize: T-shirt

Hot Damn Wing Challenge – The Nook

Not to exclude those who prefer white meat over red, The Nook also has a challenge for the non-burger folks. Advertised as a “duel with the devil,” the Hot Damn Wing Challenge involves eating 14 wings (doused in habanero pepper sauce) in 20 minutes with no drink or dipping sauce. It’s like the Blazin’ Challenge, but with more profanity.

Prize: T-shirt and a wet nap

Pho King – iPho by Saigon

Imagine how much pho makes up a 10-pound bowl. Now, imagine eating that bowl. iPho by Saigon challenges its bravest patrons to consume a 10-pound serving of the Vietnamese noodle soup in under 45 minutes.

Prize: T-shirt, free meal, photo on the Wall of Fame and the phonetically suggestive title of “Pho King!”

Holy Crepe SOTA Challenge – Sota Hot & Cold

If you're more of a sweets eater, you'll want to head to Sota Hot & Cold. We might all scream for ice cream, but you might be screaming for different reasons while trying to take on three layers of crepes and five ice cream rolls in under 20 minutes.

Prize: Photo on the wall of fame and ten free ice creams on the house (to redeem on future visits, of course). 


Have a story about your own experience with one of these culinary beasts or know of a challenge that didn’t make our list? Drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #MYSAINTPAUL.

iPho by Saigon Restaurants/Dining Ipho By Saigon

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