Saint Paul Winter Carnival

Saint Paul Winter Carnival

Saint Paul Winter Carnival

Join the fun of this 17-day festival! Since 1886, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival has been held every January/February, except during the years of WWII. The Winter Carnival celebration includes 3 parades, an outdoor beer festival, a medallion hunt, free and low-cost family activities, ice and snow carvings, live music and appearances from our Royal Family and Vulcan Krewe. Many of the events are held in Rice Park in the heart of Saint Paul. The Royal Family/Vulcan Krewe makes over 600 appearances each year to benefit the Twin Cities Metro Area and to promote Saint Paul and the Winter Carnival.

Saint Paul Winter Festival 2021

The 2021 Saint Paul Winter Festival will be January 28th - February 7th, 2021. Learn more about this year's event here.



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