We’re Not Kitten: #MYSAINTPAUL’s Cat Video Festival

We’re Not Kitten: #MYSAINTPAUL’s Cat Video Festival

Lovers of cat videos unite—Cat Video Festival returns to CHS Field on August 8.

CHS Field will host Cat Video Festival for the 5th time on August 8, and we want you to share all of your purrfect photos from the event with us on Instagram using the hashtag #MYSAINTPAUL

Get in the mood for all the meowing with these clips that blazed a trail for the classic cat footage of tomorrow:

9 Of The All Time Top Cat Videos

9. Ali vs. Liston...  McGregor vs. Mayweather...  B.J. vs. Cognac?8. If Lil' Bub isn't the most famous cat on the Internet, he's surely the cutest one.7. Decaf isn't cutting it, dude.
6. Ghost Cat: Way of the Samurai

5. "This rug's not big enough for the both of us."
4. It's downright shocking how many cat videos there are on the Internet.
3. Sometimes you just need to dumb it down a little.  It doesn't get much more gloriously goofy than this fashionable feline tickling the synthetic ivories.

2. Oh, the terror... the adorable, hilarious terror...

1. The male, the myth... Maru.

For inspiration, here's a look at some of our favorite photos from the past two years. 

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