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Sledding Hills

Grab your toboggan, your $10 Target sled or, heck, a piece of cardboard and hit the hills in Saint Paul.


If you're looking to ride the hills this winter, you've come to the right place. There plenty of ideal sledding hills throughout the city, great for everyone from thrill seekers to the littlest of tykes. This full list of hills is ranked by degree of difficulty—steep, moderate or gentle—and covers locations across Saint Paul. Some of these locations are very steep and all sledders are advised to utilize caution and full sledding etiquette while on the hills. Enjoy the ride!

If downhill is too fast for you, there's also plenty of cross-country skiing options in Saint Paul. 

Sledding Safety Tips
1. Carefully inspect sleds and toboggans for any broken parts or sharp pieces.

2. Young children should be supervised at all times.

3. Dress warmly and in layers; remember the hat and gloves, and protective boots.

4. Wearing a helmet is advisable. Preach to your kids that it is ‘cool’ to be safe and follow your own advice.

5. Show your child how to properly ride on a sled.

Sled down sitting or lying on sled with feet first
Never attempt to ride standing on the sled

6. Sled only in wide-open areas.

Avoid hills with dangerous obstacles such as bumps, rocks, trees, fences, and poles
Sled away from water, roads, and traffic

7. Check slopes for holes and other obstructions that can cause injuries.

8. Avoid being too adventurous.

9. Practice proper sledding etiquette and be attentive.

Move quickly to the side once you reach the bottom of the hill
Roll off the sled sideways if you think an accident will occur
Keep your eyes open and pay attention to what is happening around you.
When going back up the hill, walk to the side away from other sleds

10. Sled in daylight hours; it is too hard to see obstacles in the dark.

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