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Gathering with friends and family for a big event is always a welcome way to reconnect, reflect, and celebrate. But as much fun as the conversation, music or entertainment may be, the real question on every attendee's mind is what and when are we going to eat? Of course, there is nothing against hiring caterers that specialize in the chicken and steamed asparagus plates so familiar to many event guests. It’s a thing that plenty deliver well. However, there’s also much to be said for shaking up the standard and booking something delicious outside the chicken breast set. Why not order a build-your-own falafel bar or share a spread of Jamaican patties? There are so many incredible food makers in this town, that it’s easy to find something incredibly special just for your big party.

Check out these caterers who are long on flavor and able to deliver for any kind of party, and impress all the guests.

1. Soul Lao 

Having a food truck pulled up to an event adds another level of festivities to a party, and the food that Soul Lao serves is worth its own celebration. The menu is packed with Lao flavors: salty, crispy, sweet, and spicy. Your guests will devour the succulent roasted chicken or crispy coconut rice.

2. Foxy Falafel

Foxy Falafel began as a stand in the farmers markets, serving fresh fare from local farms, but the signature dish was owner Erica Straight’s irresistible falafels. Straight has also studied nutrition, making Foxy an absolute crowd-pleaser if there are any dietary concerns. The falafels are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian. The food can please vegans as well as meat eaters, who will love the shawarma.

3. Afro Deli & Catering

Afro Deli’s food is deeply flavorful and rich with comforts. The crusty sambusas, stuffed with savory fillings, are ideal for hand-held eating. The Chicken Fantastic eats like a crustless hotdish: chicken soaked in a creamy sauce with a mix of expertly cooked vegetables.

4. El Burrito Mercado

There is nothing like a giant gathering of smiling faces making eye contact over a pile of home-cooked Mexican food. El Burrito Mercado is an Westside tradition - no summer is complete without elotes in their parking lot. The grocery store/deli/bakery brings all those family recipes to events with their catering operation. There’s even a food truck! Order mountains of tamales or a build-your-own taco bar. Everyone loves tacos.

5. Karibu Grocery & Deli

Order up a feast of East African dishes to share with guests from this Eastside Saint Paul gem. Serve up fried crispy tilapia over golden Basmati rice or tender-crispy goat mixed with onion, garlic, peppers, and a pile of cilantro. Perhaps unexpectedly, Karibu is also known for its take on the Philly cheesesteak - a sandwich so good it earned rave reviews in the Pioneer Press.

6. Bangkok Thai Deli

Spice up any event with a spread of dishes from Bangkok Thai Deli. One of the best ways to manage an already hot day is to dig into a mountain of fiery, funky papaya salad. Bangkok Thai deli makes an exceptional version of this dish: green papaya shaved and pounded into a mix of fish sauce, lime juice, herbs, and chilis. For guests that aren’t as into the spicy good stuff, the pad thai is a resounding crowd pleaser.

7. West Indies Soul

Treat your guests to a taste of the Caribbean with West Indies Soul. Either book their food truck or request a giant spread be delivered to your event. Food could be down-home comforts like greens and mac and cheese or one-handed eating like some vegetarian Jamaican hand patties. A full summer-y bash would certainly benefit from a spread of the deeply spiced jerk chicken West Indies Soul has built its stellar reputation upon.

8. Cossetta Eventi

Cossetta’s is an icon of Saint Paul’s dining world, beginning with a small Italian market that’s grown into a giant multi-level restaurant downtown. Take advantage of all those years of experience, and grades of formality in food, by booking catering through Eventi. The sophisticated Italian food is just as suited for an office lunch as it is for an elegant wedding setting. Filled with fresh vegetables, cured meats, and simply divine desserts, Cossetta Eventi has all the bases covered.

9. Union Hmong Kitchen

Chef Yia Vang’s original restaurant began with Vang putting out long tables and firing up a grill outside. His restaurant has come a long way since those early days, but his flavorful food continues to be best enjoyed with a crew of other people. Union Hmong Kitchen caters any kind of event, from small family gatherings of just two or four people all the way up to formal occasions or backyard gatherings. Dishes include juicy roast chicken with crackling charred skin and bright, herby sauce, sticky and satisfyingly chewy rice, and a special, spicy sauce from his mother’s secret recipe.

10. The Naughty Greek

The beauty of Naughty Greek’s menu is how easy it is to take its fresh, Greek fare and scale it up or down depending on the size of your event. Order up a huge spread of stuffables: heartily seasoned meats with garlic and oregano, crusty falafel or tender-crisp veggies can be served with fresh greens or wrapped in pillowy flatbread. Create a build-your-own wrap station or get large platters of mezze and little handheld pies.

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