Get Friendly with Gluten-Free in Saint Paul

Get Friendly with Gluten-Free in Saint Paul

Hold the gluten, please! For those of you prefer your meals on the gluten-free friendly side, here are some of our favorite GFF spots in the Capital City.*

*Please note that while these restaurants are gluten-free friendly, they are not necessarily celiac friendly. We recommend calling ahead or checking their websites to see if they also provide celiac-free options.

For breakfast...

Black Coffee & Waffle Bar - Fresh ingredients and local roasters contribute to the success of this eatery where specialty dishes like Muddsucker and One Bad Pig are the order of the day.

Buttered Tin -  Legend of the gluten-free brownie bar travels far and wide and with a sidewalk patio option for dining, it's easy to spread the word to passersby.

French Hen Cafe - Minnesota has yielded some of the world's most famous musicians in the world of folk, funk, and punk. One taste of the Creole menu here, however, and you'll have nothing but Zydeco music on the brain.

French Meadow Bakery & Cafe - Praised as having some of the best bread in the country, the baked goods here are made on-site from local organic ingredients, a policy that extends to the meat, eggs and dairy products on the menu.

Groundswell - The owners of this coffee shop place as much importance on being a part of the community as they do giving their guests a reason to return.

Keys Cafe - A family-owned favorite across the state, Keys has multiple locations and offers delicious food made from scratch, available for both casual dining and private catering.

Nina’s Coffee Cafe - Parents can savor a relaxing cup of coffee, either inside or outside this laid-back brick cafe, while the kid-friendly atmosphere and menu ensure the whole family will enjoy themselves here.

For pizza...

Big River Pizza - Located directly opposite the Farmers' Market, this wood-fired pizzeria uses locally grown ingredients to make a variety of pizzas to appeal to almost every culinary or dietary preference.

Pizza Luce - A local favorite of both the Twin Cities, the pizza here is not only delicious but available late-night too. The varied menu has options for eating gluten-free or vegan, as well as a wide selection of beer and wine.

Punch Pizza - Featured on Man Vs. Food and hyped by both the Zagat guide and the Travel Channel, the main focus here is on the finer points of authenticity when it comes to serving guests the perfect Neapolitan pie.

Zamboni’s - Specializing in thin-crust pizza, this place has all the classics covered whether you're in the mood for a slice, a burger, a sandwich or some wings.

For pasta...

La Grolla - Giving patrons as close to an actual Italian dining experience as he can, the head chef has created a restaurant that is upscale but relaxed, with a menu that is both memorable and genuine to the origin of its cuisine.

Luci Ancora - It could be the locally famous Creme Brulee, the pasta made by hand, or the multicourse wine tasting menu offered nightly, but whatever you come here for you'll go home satisfied.

For everything else...

Brasa - The food here showcases international cuisine, inspired by Mexican, Caribbean and Southern U.S. traditions.

Burning Brothers - The few, the proud, the gluten-free breweries.

Downtowner Woodfire Grill - Watch as your meal is prepared in the open kitchen where wood-fired pizza is offered on the same menu as a variety of meats, like Lamp Chops or Black Angus Sirloin Steak, fire-roasted in keeping with Persian custom.

Everest on Grand - Expand your palate with Indian, Nepali and Tibetan dishes served buffet style with options for both vegetarians and meat lovers.

Foxy Falafel - Have your selection prepared in a platter, rice bowl, sandwich, or salad. The healthy and delicious options not only taste fantastic, but won't make you "falafel". The menu here is much better than that pun.

Red Cow - It's right there in the name. This place offers burgers, but differently. Fresh, local beef is hand-pattied to let you choose an award-winning favorite. Craft beer lovers are in luck too, as there are thirty-six rotating selections to pair with your specialty burger.

Revival - They say the pace in the South is more laid-back. The cuisine is similarly easygoing—no frills and simple to enjoy. Check this place out for some of that flavor and demeanor in a Midwest setting.

St. Paul Grill - A local institution, this place is good for a date night, a family affair, or even a small corporate function. Enjoy the highest quality chops, steaks and fish against the reflection of the striking mirrored bar.

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