Selby Avenue

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Stretching from the Cathedral of Saint Paul to Fairview Avenue, Selby Avenue is an area rich with Minnesota spirit that becomes embodied in its local shops, restaurants, boutiques, bakeries, and stores. Many of the finest locations that the city has to offer can be found on Selby Avenue, along with locally owned hidden gems that delight patrons on a daily basis with their one-of-a-kind products.

Visitors of Saint Paul will never find a location with as many local businesses that have a sense of Minnesota flavor; Selby Avenue has it all. For those not looking to spend too much of their hard earned green, Selby Avenue also contains many locally owned and featured art galleries to liven up the area. Selby Avenue can lift up the spirits of any visitor with its many attractions!

 Some Selby Avenue Hot Spots include:

  • Fern's, where well-prepared food makes you feel at home.
  • Whisky and bar emporium, The Happy Gnome.
  • Pizza Luce, the Twin Cities' favorite pizza palace.
  • The elegant outdoor dining and delicious foods at W.A. Frost.
  • Primp Boutique, where cheap and chic fashion meet for the perfect outfit. 
  • Hand-made bakery haven, A Piece of Cake
  • BlackBlue, a unique, high-end boutique for men and women. 
  • Exquisite honey from the rooftops of Saint Paul at Mademoiselle Miel.
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