Fanfare Attractions

Fanfare Attractions

Fanfare Attractions

Randy Dewitz, owner of Fanfare Attractions, has over 28 years of experience working with community, cultural, themed and special events.

Hospitality Services

Provide Experienced Staffing for: Food and Beverage Operations Beer Garden VIP Area Merchandise Coordinate all Beer and Liquor operations Product Inventory Control and Audit System I.D. System Program Develop Alcohol Awareness Program Train StaffVendor Services
Fanfare Attractions can provide a wide variety of food, beverage, merchandise, business services, and sponsorship support for your event.
Manage and Recruit Vendors Create Vendor Relations Program Supplier Coordination Create a Food Service Program Coordinate all Rentals and Permits for Vendor Operations Coordinate and Negotiate all Equipment VendorsSite Operations
Fanfare Attractions has the ability and experience to handle all logistics for your event, from city permits to designing a “small city”.
Pre-Event Equipment Purchases and Rentals Pre-Event Prop Design and Production Create Themes and Site Design Site Setup and Tear Down On-site Sponsor Promotions Implement Crisis Plan Train Volunteers and Staff Coordinate all Off Duty Officers, On Duty Officers, and Private Security Coordinate all Traffic Management Issues Work with City Council and Governmental Agencies Work with Neighborhood Organizations and Businesses, and Non-profits Work with Special Events Permit Director to Obtain all Required PermitsCash Management
Provide Experienced Count Room Staffing for all Money Handling
Food and Beverage Ticket Program Gate Admissions Provide Full Cash Management Services and Audit Trail Provide Experience Staffing for Ticket Sales, Cash Management, Cash Collections, Inventory Control, and Box Office Services


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