Who To Bring To The Brewery

Who To Bring To The Brewery

While it’s hard to have a bad time at a taproom, having the right people with you to check it out can turn a few samples into a memorable night.

There are 12 breweries (and counting) in Saint Paul, and we want you to have the best experience at each one. Here’s whom you should invite where. You can thank us later.

Bad Weather

Bring your party. When Bad Weather opened in 2015, it was obvious that the patio out front would be a hit. It’s a great spot to bring your impromptu Friday night party, and we’d also throw a “real” party in the event space. Access to all of the beers on tap during the event? Sign us up.


Bring your deep friend. The one who likes to talk about the meaning of life and drink beer. This minimalist brewery is constructed inside of a grain silo, and Bang’s small, intimate space makes for a great setting when you want to talk out life’s essential questions.

Barrel Theory

Bring your baseball fanatic friend. One block from CHS Field, Barrel Theory is the perfect spot to toss a few back before cheering on the St. Paul Saints. You can always try something new with taps that rotate daily. 

BlackStack Brewing

Bring a mini-golfer. If you've experienced the fantastical wonderment that is Can Can Wonderland, you also probably experienced a decent wait time to get into the mini-golf fun-house. Luckily for patrons of the legal variety, neighboring BlackStack Brewing is the best waiting room around. 

Burning Bros

Bring your gluten-free friend. We all have one, and they’ll love a brewery that only creates gluten-free beer. If you’re not sure how to choose a gluten-free beer, start off with the Pyro.

Flat Earth

Bring your artsy friend. Flat Earth inhabits one of Saint Paul’s oldest buildings, but each visit feels to be a new experience. This is arguably the brewery in town with the most live music and DJ appearances, and the taproom itself makes for some cool, industrial-inspired photos.

Great Waters

Bring your parents. Before concerts, shows and games, this downtown brewpub is always popular before big events, and seeing your parents is a big deal. Stop by Great Waters with your parents for dinner and beer at this Saint Paul staple brewpub restaurant.

Lake Monster

Bring your date. If you want to impress your date with your knowledge of cool, local hangouts, set up a time to meet at Lake Monster Brewing. The warehouse atmosphere of the taproom is kinda cozy, and your great taste in beer will earn you some points.


Bring everyone. The whole family. Summit’s cafeteria-style benches at the taproom are perfect for gathering everyone around to make new memories. Whether your uncle’s looking for the classic EPA or your daughter wants to try the next Unchained series, there’s plenty of flavor to please everyone, and there’s always a great mix of people

Tin Whiskers

Bring your competitive friend. Tin Whiskers has a mean lineup of board games--you’ll find everything from Sorry! to Jenga to Cards Against Humanity. You lose more friends than you make depending on how well you play, but you’ll be glad that you checked out Lowertown’s taproom.

Urban Growler

Bring your work friends. There’s no reason to go to a chain for lunch, and there’s every reason to check out a local place to eat. We don’t know if Urban Growler has better beer or better food, but we don’t feel pressured to pick. Your colleagues will be impressed with this little brewery with the great lunch specials.


Bring your workout buddy. Located close to the Mississippi River, Wabasha Brewing Company is the perfect end to a day kayaking the river, biking through Lowertown or exploring Harriet Island.

Are you itching to try all of these breweries? Hitch a ride and score some drinks during GetKnit EventsSaint Paul Rails and Ales tour. The tour will hit nine of these spots on a crazy bar crawl along the green line. Stop by as many or as few as you please, but we’re convinced you’ll have a great time. If you really fancy yourself a beer geek, you can also stock up on beer gear from all of your favorite local, regional and national craft breweries at the Beer Dabbler Store

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