Bicycle Friendly

Saint Paul is one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the United States.

Saint Paul is the capital of Minnesota, one of the most bicycle-friendly states in the country.  Our twin city, Minneapolis, was named the number 2 most bicycle friendly city in America in Bicycle Magazine’s 2014 poll.  Still not convinced?  Enjoy these stats:

  • Minneapolis and Saint Paul have 84 miles of dedicated bike paths and 44 miles of designated bike lanes on streets.
  • Minnesota is the 4th most bike friendly state according to the League of American Bicyclists. 
  • The Twin Cities is home to over 50 bike shops. 
  • Minnesota’s extensive statewide trail system includes more than 620 miles of paved trails managed by the DNR, along with hundreds of additional paved trails managed by local and regional governments.

Some resources to get you up and running on two wheels as soon as possible:

Pedal MN:

This website from the State Tourism Office is your one stop shop for all things bicycling in Minnesota. From trails to bike shops and links to additional resources, Pedal MN will connect you to all the information you need to plan your next bicycle trip.  [more info] [interactive map]

Nice Ride Minnesota:

This incredibly popular bicycle sharing program has expanded into Saint Paul and allows users to ride bicycles in 30-minute increments throughout the city, exchanging them out at kiosks along the way.  A year-long membership is only $65 and there is a 24-hour checkout option as well. Bikes are available April - November each. [more info] [bike app]

North Star Bicycle Festival:

The North Star Bicycle Festival, held in June each year, is a five-day stage race which draws the top pro/elite racers from all over the country.

Pro racing is a dazzling sport that can only be fully appreciated in person. The roar of a motorcycle and shrill blasts from the course marshals’ whistles announce the approach of the racing pack. The racers fly by, a brightly colored blur so close that you could reach out and touch them. They kick up enough wind to blow your hair back on a calm day. You hear the buzz of their chains and clicks as they shift gears. Shoulder to shoulder and wheel to wheel, hard physical contact between pro racers is common and the risk of a sudden crash is ever present.

The Saint Paul Classic Bike Tour:

Discover mostly traffic-free glee on Minnesota's biggest bike tour!

The Classic is a showcase for the handsome parks and parkways of beautiful Saint Paul, Minnesota. Hallmarks of the Classic include mostly traffic-free bicycling, ride support, great tunes, organic fruit, fresh coffee, bountiful baked goods and of course watermelon at the end! Our rest stops are the best in the business!

More than 6,000 riders come from miles away to enjoy lovely autumn weather, great food, fabulous entertainment and of course a wonderful ride through beautiful Saint Paul and lovely Lilydale Regional Park. The ride starts on the University of St. Thomas campus. Choose a route from 15 to 45 miles.  [more info] 

Saint Paul Parks and Trails

Experience peaceful trails within sight of downtown and secluded paths along sandy river flats. Saint Paul is home to more miles of Mississippi River than any other municipality along the entire length of river. The city is working to transform its riverfront parks and natural areas into a seamless network of river parks.

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