6 Ways To Get Wild For The Wild

6 Ways to Get Wild for the Wild

Let's go crazy in the State of Hockey.

If you haven't noticed, the Minnesota Wild are hot right now (like, top of the Division hot) and there's no more perfect time to get wild for the Wild.

Amp up competition

As leaders of the Western conference, the Wild has to be on it's A-game every time the players step on the ice. The team is in peak competition mode and as members of the team of 18,000, we need to match their mindset. Luckily, there are a few local gems that can help you prime this mentality. Stop by The Nook for a round of bowling. Take on the bubble hockey and skeeball at Rival House.

Switch your (food) line

It’s great to know your go-to roster of restaurants, and you’ll often find us around Tom Reid’s, Cossetta’s or Pazzaluna before a regular season game. For the playoffs, though, it’s time to add something new to your line. We’ve had a few new spots open up throughout the city: Handsome Hog is open in Lowertown, Mucci’s Italian is the next big thing near West 7th and Heirloom welcomes anyone who comes off the Lake Street bridge.

Hang with Nordy’s cousins

Nobody knows what kind of animal Nordy is--according to his official roster biography, he was found skating open lakes near Eveleth, Minnesota. However, you can find Nordy’s cousins of the animal kingdom at Como Zoo and Conservatory, where you’ll find polar bears, sea lions, big cats and so much more.

Discover wild beauty

Don't fret if warm weather hits mid-season. Though it isn't great for outdoor hockey, it is a great excuse to check out the 26.2 miles of the Mississippi River and Recreation Area -- a national park that stretches through Saint Paul.

Remember: We’re daring

If you aren’t familiar with Saint Paul’s daredevil past, now is a great time to learn about the city’s daring history. Gangsters used Saint Paul as a safe haven from law enforcement in the 1930s, and some had the guts to rob banks in Minneapolis and return to safety in Saint Paul. If we’re crazy enough to let that happen, there’s no reason that the Wild can’t stay ahead.

Raise one up

Regardless of how the season ends up, we'll always be the State of Hockey. Make a trip to one of Saint Paul’s 11 breweries and raise a pint to going wild for the Wild.