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Planning a Wedding?

I Do Saint Paul is ready to make the process of planning your big day as stress-free as possible. To get started with our complimentary hotel, venue and vendor search, simply take a moment to fill out this short form.

This is the email we will use to help get venues and vendors get in contact with you; however we will only offer this information to our members at your request.
If you are in the early stages of planning and have not secured your date, please indicate the month or season and year you would like to have your wedding. (Ex: December 2014, Fall 2015)
Preferred location, style, cultural considerations, hotel needs etc.

Important Note

I Do Saint Paul is a complimentary service, provided by Visit Saint Paul. Please let us know when you book a hotel block by contacting Bridget McCoy at I Do Saint Paul with the final selection at or (651) 265-4903. In addition, we are happy to provide you with complimentary visitor guides for any guests!

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