Saint Paul Insiders

Pictured: Threads Of Life
Credit: Kao Lee Thao

Milkessa Gaga, Little Africa

Pictured: Milkessa Gaga
Little Africa Mural Concept Art
Credit: Milkessa Gaga
My concept design is influenced by my identity as an Oromo living in Minnesota and my experience at Little Africa Fest 2023. Minnesota has the largest Oromo population in the US and I believe that makes growing up here a unique experience.
Milkessa Gaga

Cadex Herrera, District del Sol

Pictured: Cadex Herrera
Mural color sample
Credit: Cadex Herrera
My work is primarily inspired by my Hispanic heritage, delving into its rich culture, history, and the diverse experiences of its people. I'm passionate about creating art that not only reflects these aspects but also seeks to elevate and celebrate the subjects I portray.
Cadex Herrera

Briauna Williams, Shepard Davern

Pictured: Briauna Williams
Past, Present and Future Victories
Credit: Briauna Williams
I would say the vibe of Saint Paul is pretty chill and relaxed. Lots of history and exploration. I love driving around Saint Paul Mansions, walking downtown and getting popcorn & snacks from Candy Land. I enjoy shopping within Schmidt Artist Lofts shops.
Briauna Williams

Kao Lee Thao, Little Mekong

Pictured: Kao Lee Thao
Kao Lee Thao
Within the vibrant strokes of this mural, the enchanting tapestry of Southeast Asia unfolds, where ancient folktales echo through lush landscapes, animals dance in harmony, and the rhythmic heartbeat of farming paints a masterpiece celebrating cultural heritage.
Kao Lee Thao