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Discover goods made with love in Minnesota.

Minnesota has a knack for innovation and craftsmanship, and those qualities are embodied in the goods of our local artisans. Whether you're looking for a souvenir or salve, a trinket or a treat, these local makers have you covered.

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EssMD Creations Twin Cities Metro Area

EssMD Creations

Baby blankets, burp cloths and loveys from unique designs and decadent  minky  fabrics.

Fast Mary’s Twin Cities Metro Area

Fast Mary’s

Handcrafted and infused to perfection, Fast Mary's turns an ordinary drink into a… More Info

Finley’s Barkery Twin Cities Metro Area

Finley’s Barkery

A social enterprise that empowers people to do what they love, one dog treat at a time.

Grandma’s Gourmets Twin Cities Metro Area

Grandma’s Gourmets

Jams and jellies, preserves, salsas and pickles: the highest quality of gourmet… More Info

It’s Jane Twin Cities Metro Area

It’s Jane

Handmade jewelry,hollowform silver work and metal arts giftware.

Jaguar Blu Twin Cities Metro Area

Jaguar Blu

Photography and mixed media art for your home and office using new and repurposed materials.

Kajo Inscriptions Twin Cities Metro Area

Kajo Inscriptions

Customized personal engraved items that will capture memories to enjoy for years.

KoveredUp Twin Cities Metro Area


Handmade items for your pup and home. Every item can be customized.

Mama Stoen’s Twin Cities Metro Area

Mama Stoen’s

Gluten-free baking mixes without any sacrifice of taste, texture or variety.

Metz 9 Twin Cities Metro Area

Metz 9

Handmade decor, jewelry and furniture.

Minny and Paul Twin Cities Metro Area

Minny and Paul

Spreading gratitude through thoughtful local gifting.

Muddy Paws Cheesecake Twin Cities Metro Area

Muddy Paws Cheesecake

Cheesecake bakery with 222 flavors of artisan-style cheesecake to order.

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