June 14


Clown Cabaret

Next Upcoming Date: Friday, June 14 2019

Never fear, Twin Cities. We’re officially banishing boredom. Join us at Can Can Wonderland for fun entertainment and activities Thursday through Sunday. See our calendar for upcoming events.

Location: Can Can Wonderland

Time: 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM

755 Prior Avenue North, Suite #004 , Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104

Twin Cities Clown Cabaret represents the ridiculous every second Friday of the month. Clowns and physical comedians from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area (and even a bit outside) showcase their talents live every month on the big stage at Can Can Wonderland. Come witness a panoply of performers from both sides of the river — goofballs and eccentrics one and all, each with their own style from the broad world of clowning. Makeup or none, red nose or none, we’ll cover territory from the circus ring to the stage, from festivals to the street. Maybe we’ll toss in some video and some information in to boot. This event is every second Friday of the month.



Admission: $5 Wonderfund

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Clown Cabaret
Upcoming Dates
  • Friday, June 14
  • Friday, July 12
  • Friday, August 9
  • Friday, September 13
  • Friday, October 11
  • Friday, November 8
  • Friday, December 13