Ready Together Pledge Toolkit

Ready Together Pledge Toolkit

Thank you for signing the Ready Together Pledge. Together, we are assuring employees, residents and visitors that you are operating safely.

Now let's get the word out about your participation!

  • Download this Printable Letter-Sized Poster. Post it so customers can see your participation and understand their role in keeping Saint Paul clean and safe.
  • Download the Ready Together Logo. Use it on your website, social media, everywhere you are marketing. We will be urging customers to look for the logo around Saint Paul.
  • Download the Ready Together social media assets for Facebook and Instagram. Use this to tell your audiences that you are committed to maintaining a clean and safe environment and want them to as well.
  • We will be printing and distributing Ready Together window clings for those who sign the pledge. Thank you for your patience as we work to get these out in the mail to you at your business location.

Other Ways You Can Help:

  • Show us what you are doing!  Submit photos of your business in action –  staff members cleaning, using your handwashing station, the poster or logo on display at your store. Use your imagination.  We will use the pictures to promote your commitment.  

  • Show us what your customers are doing! Submit photos of customers in your business practicing safety by social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing their hands, or any other fun being had in a clean and safe manner.

  • Look for our Ready Together: Saint Paul's Commitment to Cleanliness & Safety promotion on Chamber, City and County web and social media sites, newsletters, and more. We are also promoting the pledge to local and statewide media. Share the message in your marketing and customer contacts, too!

  • We want your feedback. Please share your insights so we can continually refine the pledge to make it as effective as possible for you. Send comments to
  • If you have any interest, this video can be shared on your social media channels to communicate your commitment to your customers. It would greatly assist us in getting the word out to residents, visitors and other businesses that Saint Paul is doing all it can to ensure their health and safety as we welcome customers back to Saint Paul.

Thank you for your commitment to keep Saint Paul clean and safe!

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