From Saint Paul to Winnipeg with Love

From Saint Paul to Winnipeg with Love

After a Minnesota Wild-Winnipeg Jets bet resulted in Tourism Winnipeg gaining control of our Twitter account to share the best things about Winnipeg with our followers, we thought we’d return the favor by showing some things about our own city we think Winnipeggers would particularly enjoy.

10 Spots in Saint Paul Winnipeggers Will Love

Take a look and let us know when you’re ready to book your trip, our doors are always open for our friends to the north.


1. Tom Reid’s Hockey City Pub: All hockey, all the time. Owned by former Minnesota North Star and native Canadian, Tom Reid, this place is covered wall to wall in hockey memorabilia and you’ll always find a game on TV. Did we mention they literally named a Jet Burger after you? It’s topped with Canadian bacon, provolone and mayo. And oh yeah, there’s also poutine.

2. Red Cow: Speaking of poutine, you’ll find the best at Red Cow. We don’t serve a lot of it down here but, when we do, we do it right with delicious braised beef, Summit beer cheese, bacon and bleu cheese.

3. The Peg: Often touted as the best and largest state fair in the United States, the Minnesota State Fair is a pretty big deal around these parts. The food selection is outrageous, and it just so happens that the Fair’s only full-service restaurant is called The Peg—so, we guess you could say some things here are also #onlyinthepeg.

4. Holman’s Table: We know you love to watch the Jets, so come see some real ones take flight while enjoying a meal at Holman’s Table. This hot new restaurant opened earlier this year at the Saint Paul airport—enjoy delicious eats and stellar views of the tarmac without having to go back through customs.

5. Mickey’s Diner: We’re not really sure if The Mighty Ducks movies are as big of a deal to you folks as they are to us, but we figured we’d mention it If the name Gordon Bombay rings a bell, you’ll want to check out Mickey’s Diner in downtown Saint Paul where scenes were filmed for all three movies.


6. Summit Brewing: Exactly 200 years after Canada’s finest founded Molson Brewing in 1786, Saint Paul’s very own Summit Brewing sprang to life as the first craft brewery in Minnesota. Since then, Summit has become a staple beer in the Midwest and beyond. Stop in for a tour and a taste of what Minnesota craft beer is all about.

7. CHS Field: Plan a trip to watch your American Association Champion Winnipeg Goldeyes take on our St. Paul Saints at arguably the finest minor league ballpark around (we're biased, but we're also pretty sure it's true). Brand new in 2015, you’ll witness all sorts of wacky on-field antics like a pig delivering balls to the umpire and world-record pillow fights at CHS Field in Saint Paul’s happening Lowertown neighborhood—and baseball too, of course.

8. Get On The Water: A handful of Minnesota's 10,000+ lakes are here in Saint Paul, as well as this pretty epic river called the Mississippi (you may have heard of it). Explore our 26.2 miles of riverfront—the most of any city on its path—on a kayak adventure with Minnesota Adventure Company. With all of this freshwater, you’ll forget you ever left Manitoba.

9. Winter Carnival: Back in 1885, a New York reporter wrote that Saint Paul in winter was “another Siberia, unfit for human habitation”—we feel like you can relate. Rather than sulk in our fate, Saint Paulites decided to celebrate this designation by starting an outdoor festival filled with all things winter. If you find yourself here in late January, you definitely won’t want to miss this 11-day spectacle—now in its 133rd year.

10. Shopping: In case you haven’t heard, we don’t have a sales tax in Minnesota on clothing or shoes. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Take advantage of the savings in local favorite retail districts like Grand Avenue, Selby at Snelling and St. Anthony Park.

Winnipeg's Saint Paul Gift Pack

In addition to the passing of the Twitter reigns, there was also a gift component to our Minnesota Wild-Winnipeg Jets bet with Tourism Winnipeg. The original agreement was a selection of the losing city’s finest beers but, as it turns out, we’re not authorized to do that—not legally, at least. Instead, we put together a little gift pack filled with the following items we believe best represent the Saintly City:

Summit Brewing hat: The closest you folks will get to a Summit beer. Sorry ‘bout it, eh.

Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls: The salted nut roll is our candy claim to fame. Pearson’s Candy Company has been cranking out these bars of nougaty, caramely, peanutty goodness since the Great Depression.

St. Paul Saints Shirts: We just figured we’d send this ahead of time for when we undoubtedly make a bet on the Saints-Goldeyes series—loser rocks the winner’s apparel for a day?

Hockey Stick Bottle Opener: Saint Paul's Beer Dabbler has an online store stocked with more awesome Minnesota beer swag than you can shake a stick at—or a hockey stick bottle opener at, to be specific.

...and some other Visit Saint Paul swag because we’re besties now, so we should act like it.

We’ve had a blast interacting with all of you over social media and would love to see more Winnipeggers around the Capital City. When you make the trip, make sure to share your adventures with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #MYSAINTPAUL!

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