Bartender Spotlight: W.A. Frost

Bartender Spotlight: W.A. Frost

The bar at W.A. Frost is a slice of history—some might say the bartender is too.

Tom has been mixing drinks since 1984 and has seen a thing or two in his day. We caught up with him over happy hour at W.A. Frost to get his take on things.

Current bar and tell us a little about it:  

This place combines the best of the old world and new world and has a beautiful patio.  I still walk in and say to myself, “What a pretty place.”

How long have you bartended there?  

I started here in 1984.

I’ve tapped, poured or mixed more ______ than anything else.  

Wine – When I started here we had three kinds of wine- red, white and pink.

I hate mixing_____________  

Caipirinha  (Editor’s note: Google it unless you’re Brazilian, then you know)

When I’m not working at the bar, I’m_________  

Playing guitar, walking the dogs, working in the garden

Celebrity sightings in your bar?  

Garrison Keillor, Cheryl Tiegs, August Wilson

Best tip you ever received?  

$100 on a $500 bottle of wine

Best holiday to work?  

None of them

The bar is packed, you’re crazy busy but a patron needs a beverage—how does s/he get your attention?  

Drop your…glass.

Something even my regulars don’t know about me.  

I have two cats.

Favorite item on the menu:  


Your drink of choice:  

Mojito – a great drink when it’s done right.

A bar I enjoy that’s not named W.A. Frost:  

Aster Café in Minneapolis.

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