Bartender Spotlight: Pazzaluna

Bartender Spotlight: Pazzaluna

Catching up with Pazzaluna's longtime bartender, Steve Flynn.

He's been at Pazzaluna since they opened their doors and, as you can imagine, he's poured a drink or two. 

I've poured or mixed more _____________ than anything else...

Steve: Wine

I hate mixing...

Shots, it usually means it's gonna be a long night.

When I'm not at Pazzaluna I'm...

Steve: At the Muddy Pig

Celebrity sightings?

Steve: Studs Terkel (Google him) and Meryl Streep

Best Tip?

Steve: Over $100

Best Holiday?

Steve: I try to get time off on the holidays.

"You need a drink, I'm busy, but if you_________, you'll catch my attention..."

Steve: Try to catch my eye, I'll notice you.

How long until you're a regular at Pazzaluna?

Steve: More than once, til I remember you.

Any out of state regulars...

Steve: We've got some people that rent condos upstairs, I have a guy from Florida.

I've cut off ____ people in my 13.5 years.

Steve: Not that many; maybe 20.

Something many of your regulars don't know about you?

Steve: Well, I'm flustered. (he took a few drink orders) ...People don't know I like dogs.