Bartender Spotlight: Dixie’s on Grand

Bartender Spotlight: Dixie’s on Grand

Dixie's website says they "offer the best in southern comfort food and casual dining in a warm and friendly atmosphere"...

...what it doesn't say is they have two warm and friendly bartenders in Rob and Eric (left to right in photo above) who have been working at Dixie's for more than 30 years combined. We caught up with them on a Thursday night and put them square in the bartender spotlight. 

I've been working at Dixie's since:

Rob: 1995

Eric:  1999

I've poured or mixed more _____________ than anything else.

Rob: Jag Bombs

Eric:  Dreams down the drain.  (Editor's note: we assume that goes with poured...)

I hate mixing...

Rob:  Bloody Mary's...especially after 3 pm

Eric:  Miami Vice (Editor's note: Google it for ingredients)

When I'm not at Dixie's I'm...

Rob:  Working for the weekend and watching this town's miserable sports teams.

Eric:  Working, or chasing my one-year-old boy around.

Celebrity sightings?

Together:  Woody Harrelson, Joe Mauer, Matt Birk, Norm Coleman, Bill Goldberg (wrestler)

Best Tip?

Rob:  $100 

Eric:  $100 and a few more non-monetary ones.

Best Holiday?

Unanimous: Grand Old Day

"You need a drink, I'm busy, but if you_________, you'll catch my attention."

Rob: Show me some skin

Eric: Ask me what I'm drinking and buy me one.

What's worse, bachelorette or bachelor parties?

Unanimous:  Bachelorette parties, they are way more needy!

How long until you're a regular at Dixie's?

Rob:  After you're here a few times and I know your name

Eric:  Four weeks in a row.

I've cut off ____ people since I've worked here.

Rob:  13 people but they total about 20 times.

Eric:  15 people (all different)

The best thing on our menu is:

Rob:  Fried Chicken

Eric:  Rib and Chop combo

If I'm in your seat, I'm ordering a:

Rob:  Jager shot and a Coors Lite

Eric:  Stella

The best thing about John Wolf?  (Editors note: John Wolf is their boss and has been associated with Dixie's for 25 years. )

Rob:  John is like a father figure to me.  He's loyal, he was born to do this job.

Eric:  He's a great boss, selfless, dedicated and he treats each person who walks in as though they are the most important person of the moment.

Favorite Grand Old Day memory...

Rob:  Counting my tips at 6 pm

Eric:  Editors note: Eric's memory was not fit for our website but please visit Dixie's on Grand Old Day, June 3, 2012, to make your own memory...

Parting words...

Rob:  Drive Safely

Eric:  Love life; be happy.

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