Bartender Spotlight: Billy’s on Grand

Bartender Spotlight: Billy’s on Grand

Billy's has quite the bartender lineup (7 people, 111 years of service). We got them to dial in on their history, favorite drinks and craziest memories.

Billy's on Grand has quite the roster of tenured bartenders. Below is what they had to say...enjoy, and stop in for a drink sometime soon.

Time Served: (L to R in picture above)

Tim: 19 years | Joe: 18 years | Tracy: 18 years | Steve: 12 years | Chris: 16 years | Heather: 17 years | Ellie: 11 years

And now for the questions...

I've poured or mixed more _____________ than anything else...

Heather: Miller Lite

Joe: Jager

Steve: Summit

I hate mixing...

Heather, Steve, Tim: Scooby Snacks

Joe: Bloody Mary's

Tracy: Sex on the Beach

When I'm not at Billy's I'm...

Heather: Estate shopping

Joe: Driving a mini-van and raising a family

Steve: Playing music with my band

Celebrity sightings?

Group answer: Steve Yzerman, Chris Chelios, Brett Hull, Justin Morneau, Joe Mauer, Elton John, Norm Coleman

Best Tip? 

Heather: $250

Tim: $100

Editor's note:  Answers ranged from $100-$250. High and low are highlighted.

Best Holiday?

Ellie, Tracy, Steve: St. Patrick's Day

Chris: Grand Old Day

"You need a drink, I'm busy, but if you_________, you'll catch my attention..."

Heather: Show me some skin...

Tim: "Sir" works just fine with me...

Ellie:  Have cash...

What's worse, bachelorette or bachelor parties?

Unanimous: "Bachelorette Parties!"

How long until you're a regular at Billy's?

Heather: Until I know your first name

Tracy: Until you bring me candy

Steve: Couple weeks

Best Grand Old Day memory...

Editor's note:   These were not fit for the website, please visit Billy's on Grand Old Day, June 3, 2012, to make your own memory...

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