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Red Bull Crashed Ice returns in 2014 with new rules for the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship

With athletes descending a .37 mile long downhill course four-at-a-time at speeds of more than 40 mph, crashes are the only thing that's certain. Competitors are, however, strictly forbidden from intentionally causing a fellow competitor to either fall, slow down or leave the course, for example by holding his shirt, pushing or striking him. Any athlete found guilty by the Competition Committee of hindering another athlete intentionally will be disqualified automatically.


At each World Championship event, the field is made up of the best riders from the ice cross downhill international elite and the fastest athletes from national qualifying races held around the world. Each event is preceded by national qualifiers held across the host country and is open to everybody looking to take part in the main race and test themselves against the best ice cross racers in the world.

Athletes ranked first to fourth for each particular event are allocated positions according to their place in the final heat. Athletes ranked fifth to eighth are ranked according to their place in the small final. All remaining athletes are ranked according to the round in which they were eliminated.

Competition Breakdown

Points are awarded at each Ice Cross Downhill World Championship event; from 1,000 points, for 1st place, down to 0.5 points, for 100th place. The points obtained at all four races are then added together after the final event to determine the winner of the 2014 World Championship. Every race counts.

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