Saint Paul is an enchanting European-style city with so much to offer, from fascinating history and architecture to world-class museums and theatre and magnificent recreation along its 26 miles of mighty Mississippi Riverfront. Make sure you don’t miss a thing during your trip to Minnesota's capital by allowing Visit Saint Paul to arrange sightseeing tours with the best tour companies in the area.

A blend of modern style and Old World charm, downtown Saint Paul features a wealth of treasures for group tours. Even during the coldest months, a network of climate-controlled skyways ensures comfort and warmth for visitors.

There is a little bit of everything to experience when you bring your group tour to Saint Paul. From architecture to history we have an itinerary that is sure to intrigue your group! Use our suggested itineraries when planning your group tour travel to Saint Paul.

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Suggested Itineraries

Saint Paul's Greatest for Under a Dollar
Historic Homes and Domes Tour
Gangster Tour

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