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Farmers Market

The arrival of warm weather means that, once again, marvelous farmers markets sprout up all over Saint Paul and its surrounding neighborhoods. During winter, be sure to visit the year-round indoor market located in downtown Saint Paul.

The Saint Paul Farmers Market features only crisp, locally grown produce, sold directly from the grower to the consumer. You’ll also find fresh bakery goods, cheese, poultry, buffalo, venison, beef, pork, lamb, maple syrup, eggs, bagel sandwiches, honey, organic plants and produce, flowers, plants, shrubs and many other items.

But these farmers markets are about more than buying and selling. They offer Saint Paul locals and visitors a chance to interact and build community spirit in a relaxed, family-friendly environment. Come on down and browse, buy, or just be a part of the fun.

Day Times Location Dates (2013)
Sunday 8am-1pm Downtown Saint Paul May 5 - Nov. 21
Tuesday 10am - 2pm Saint Paul - 7th Place Mall Jun. 18 - Oct. 15
Thursday 10am - 2pm Saint Paul - 7th Place Mall Jun. 13 - Oct. 17
Saturday 6am - 1pm Downtown Saint Paul May 4 - Nov 17

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